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Dissertation Report on Cross Cultural Training

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Overview – Dissertation Report on Cross Cultural Training

Title: Dissertation Report on Cross Cultural Training

Type: Dissertation project report

Subject: Human Resource

Useful for: MBA and PGDM students

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Abstract: The HR dissertation report on cross cultural training for MBA basically deals with the cultural differences that may affect motivational factors, collectivism at work place, organizational structure design etc. . The  cross-cultural training can be seen as a tool for improving the corporate culture and practices by constantly learning through induction of foreign nationals in the organizations. The study include the  various training methods, International business etiquette tips by Lydia Ramsey Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions of  understanding the language abilities, beliefs and values, social system, business etiquettes in terms of making appointments, guidelines for business dress, welcome topics of conversations, selecting and presenting an appropriate business gifts by taking examples of various countries like China, India, Malaysia, Germany and Japan that help the companies in reducing the psychological stress and cultural shock which often lead to failure of expatriates and gain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace by understanding and learning about other cultures.

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