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Oct 31, 2012
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Here is a MBA HR project synopsis format on employees job satisfaction that tells  how do you write a project synopsis:


1.1   Introduction: The employee performance is to a large extent, influenced by motivation and job satisfaction. The term relates to the total relationship between an individual and the employer for which he is paid. Satisfaction does mean the simple feeling state accompanying the attainment of any goal; the end state is feeling accompanying the attainment by an impulse of its objective. Job satisfaction does mean absence of motivation at work. Research workers differently described the factors contributing o job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction.

1.2   Research Methodology:

1.2.1        Objectives of the Study: The main aim of the study is to analyze and examine level of job satisfaction among the BSNL employees and to know the problems faced by the employees of the various categories.

1.2.2        Scope of the Study: In the survey an attempt has been made to analyze the job satisfaction of employees of BSNL, Warangal.

1.2.3        Data Sources: Primary and Secondary data is used in this survey.

1.2.4        Data Processing and Analyzing: Data, which is gathered by administering questionnaires, was processed in simple manner to determine the level of satisfaction among employees.

1.3   About BSNL

The BSNL is formed on 1st October 2000. The BSNL is the largest public sector, serving more than 35 million customers and with a work force of 4,50,000 offices and employees, for its maintenance and operation. With the successful launch of BSNL’s WLL, Mobile and Broadband services all over the country. It has the responsibilities to improve already quality of telecom services expansion of telecom network, taking telecom services in all the villages and instilling confidence amongst its customers.

1.4   Theoretical Aspects of Job Satisfaction

1.4.1        Meaning of Job Satisfaction: Job satisfaction is the favorableness or un-favorableness with which employees view their work.

1.4.2        Theories of Job Satisfaction: There are vital differences among experts about the concept of job satisfaction. Basically, there are four approaches/ theories of job satisfaction. They are:

  • Fulfillment theory
  • Discrepancy theory
  • Equity theory
  • Two-factor theory

1.4.3        Determinants of Job Satisfaction: According to Abraham A. Kumar there two types of variables, which determine the job satisfaction of an individual. These are:

  • Organization Variables
  • Personal Variables

1.5   Data Analysis

  • 80 percent of the employees are satisfied with the wages paid to tem. Only 20 percent of the employees feel that there should be a hike in wages paid to them.
  • Almost all the employees are satisfied with the present working conditions and environment.
  • 70% of the employees feel that the management is sympathetic to some extent in their problems faced at workstation.
  • Almost all the employees are satisfied with the training provided by the company to improve their performance.

1.6   Conclusion

  • Supervisors are ready to clear the doubts and help in improving their performance.
  • 70% of the employees feel that the company policies really protect their interests.
  • 50% of the employees are satisfied with the present management setup.

Overall the employees of BSNL are having a very high job satisfaction and hence they are working with great enthusiasm and zeal to achieve their organizations goal.

1.7   Suggestions

  • Majority of the employees feel that there should be an incentive wage scheme for efficient work in the organization.
  • The management should be more helpful and sympathetic towards the problems faced by the workers at the workstation.

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