Literature Review format for Project Report

Jul 5, 2013
Project Resources
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The Literature review section of project report means writing about the ways in which the project realities are similar or different from theory. In literature review, you should write all those management theories in detail which dealt with project report. For example: If you have prepared a project on HR Balanced Scorecard, then you should discuss all management theories about it and then point out how different it is in practice.

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Literature Review Format for HR Balanced Scorecard Project

1. Is the balanced scorecard HR’s ticket to the board? Nelson, Paul. Personnel Today, 3/5/2002.

Most thoughts comprised of some combination of “BC is a wonderful tool to allow HR to show its value to a firm”, “BSCs will only work with senior management buy-in” and “BSCs alone will not bring a firm closer to its goal, contributing to the overall business will”.

2. HR Performance Scoring Demonstrates Results. McKewen, Darren. 2004. Career Accessed from website.

 The first part of this article gives numbers on the popularity of BCs throughout industry. From the article: “According to a recent survey by the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative and the Society for Human Resource Management, about one-fourth of HR organizations have adopted the Balanced Scorecard approach. However, virtually all of the 1,300 respondents have explored the possibility.” The rest of the article has no relation to balanced scorecards.

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