Marketing Project Report on Indian Organized Retail Industry – Big Bazar

Jun 28, 2013
Marketing Projects
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Overview –  Project Report on Retail Marketing

This summer training project report on retail marketing analysis the Indian organized retail industry and study the Big Bazar marketing strategy. Dowload it for free.

Title: A Study on Indian Organized Retail Industry – BIG BAZAR

Type: Summer Training project report

Subject: Marketing

Useful for: BBA, MBA and PGDM students

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Abstract: Retailing is evolving into a global, high-tech business. India has the largest number of outlet in world i.e. 9 outlets for 1000 people. The growth and development of organized retailing is driven by two main factors- prices and benefits the customer can’t resist. Keeping in mind the rapid growth of Indian retail industry and its bright future, this has always been a thrust area for me. Big Bazaar is at the top position in Indian retail industry. That is why it attracted me to have summer training (on the job training) in Big Bazaar, Udaipur.

The objectives of this marketing project report on Indian organized retail industry were the following:

  •  To look at the current trends in the Indian organized retail industry.
  • To understand the Big Bazaar organization as how systematically it is run by the management personnel.
  • To know about the marketing activities of the Big Bazaar done round the year.
  • To know the customer queries, comments and suggestions about the store and its products.
  • To know about the promotional activities done at Big Bazaar to increase the sales.
  • To get acquainted with the major issues in the Indian organized retail industry.
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