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MBA HR Project Topics

By freembaprojects - Wed Nov 23, 10:19 am

Here is the list of HR topics for MBA Project Reports:-

  • Project Reports Topics on Training and Development
    • Effectiveness of Training & Development in Small Organization
    • Measuring the Training & Development effectiveness on Employees productivity
    • Evaluation of Training & Development Programs
  • Project Reports Topics on Recruitment and Selection
    • Recruitment and Selection Procedure in IT Industry
    • Recruitment and Selection Procedure in Agencies
    • Evaluating the effectiveness of Recruitment


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  1. sir/madam
     I wnt new project topic in hr.

  2. i need project for employee training and development

  3. hiii,

    Guyz i need to know about the soft skills training in the following company.Please guyz help me,it is very important.

    a. Accenture
    d.Tech Mahindra
    f. CTS

    .if you have any information …pplease amil on mile.shradhauniyal@gmil.com

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