MBA Project Report Format

Jul 5, 2013
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MBA/PGDM students should follow the below mentioned project report format:

1. Introduction to the problem/organization

This section should contain:

i)     A background of the problem task undertaken (i.e. how the project was selected)

ii)   The rationale of the study and

iii) The scope

2. Review of Literature

This section for the summer training report would mean writing about the ways in which the Organizational realities are similar or different from theory. The management theory dealt with in the report must be written about in detail, i.e. if you have talked about value chain then you must discuss all about it and then point out how different it was in practice.

3. Objective of the study

Main objective of the study is the purpose to conduct this study. Then there could be specific objectives, i.e. what all you need to do to achieve your main objective.

4. Methodology

This section would include the plan of study: method of data-collection, instruments used, tools and techniques involved in analysis, scope and limitations of the study, and the rationale of tasks, i.e. why ‘focus group interviews’ was the most suited tool for the investigation.

5.   Observations Analysis & Discussion:

This part may be covered in more than one chapter, depending upon the coverage of study. (Try to make use of the relevant management techniques / skills / policies and data presentation, its analysis in the project report).

6.   Summary / Conclusion / Recommendations

This should contain the summary of the report including the results, the conclusion and recommendations based along the lines of statement of problems, the usefulness of the study, its applicability in business in decision-making process.

7.   Executive Summary:

This includes the summarization of the entire project in 2 to 3 pages only that appears in the prefatory part of the report.

8.   Bibliography

References or bibliography has to be submitted in the supplementary part of the report along with the required details so that the source could be traced, if needed.

 9.   Appendices

Other supplementary information should be listed under this section.

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