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MBA Research Project on Brand Preference of Mobile Phone

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Overview – Research Project on Brand Preference of Mobile Phones

Title: Brand Preference of Mobile Phones Among Ghaziabad  College Students

Type: Research Project Report

Subject: Marketing

Useful for: MBA and PGDM students

Abstract: The primary objective of research project on brand preference was to study the perception & buying behavior of students towards various mobile brands. The Secondary Objectives of this study were to identify:

  • To know about the student preference level associated with different mobile phones.
  • To find out the students satisfaction towards the various mobile phones.
  • Major features, which a customer looks for in a mobile before making a purchase.
  • Factors that influence decision-making in purchasing a mobile phone.
  • To know which advertisement media puts more impact on the buying decision of students
  • Factors, which help in increasing the sale of mobile phones.

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  1. please give information and short note on background study and need of the study of project brand preference on mobile phones.

  2. your project has been so easy to understand in our mind and lern

  3. HI, admin, can you mail this project to my id Aryan3090@gmail.com it would be really helpful me in my studies, hoping response from your side.

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