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Project on Consumer Preference regarding Two Wheeler in Ghaziabad

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Overview – Research Project on Consumer Preference

Title: Consumer Preference regarding Two Wheeler in Ghaziabad

Type: Research Project Report

Subject: Marketing

Useful for: MBA and PGDM students

Abstract: This marketing research project on consumer preference was part of my MBA study. This project is based on a study to find out the consumer preference regarding two wheeler in Ghaziabad city.

Understanding consumer behavior in the present scenario is extremely important as it is no longer a simple task. Now the consumer is considered to be the King. He is the price-maker and not price-taker. . Earlier, there used to be a few two wheeler manufacturers who held a monopoly. However, this situation has changed with the entry of other competitors, especially after liberalization and globalization. The foreign collaboration saw production going up tremendously due to the availability of many alternative choices, consumer preferences and needs changed. Suddenly, the buyer came into focus. Hence, this study makes an attempt to know the changes in the two wheeler markets and buying motives of two wheeler buyers. The study was conducted by using the survey method.

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