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Project on Recruitment Processs in Bharti AXA

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This summer training project on recruitment analysis the recruitment process of insurance agencies with special reference to Bharti Axa Life Insurnace.

Overview – Project on Recruitment Process

Title: Dynamics of agency recruitment with reference to Bharti AXA Life Insurance

Type: Summer Training project report

Subject: Human Resource

Useful for: BBA, MBA and PGDM students

Abstract: The insurance industry in our country is on the threshold of a new era of rapid expansion. A more competitive environment is expected to emerge with new private participants being allowed to enter the insurance industry. The need for private sector participation in this sector is justified on the basis of enhancing the efficiency of operations, achieving a greater density and penetration of life insurance in the country and for a greater mobilization of long-term savings for long gestation infrastructure projects. In the wake of emerging competition, LIC, with its more than four decades of experience and wide reach, is equipped to face the challenges emanating from the entry of new players.

Agency recruitment is all about recruiting financial advisor for the company. The financial advisor is the person who can guide the people in making proper investments regarding their life.

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