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Jul 1, 2013
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Questionnaire is a research instrument that contains a series of questions and translate the objectives of the survey via these questions. A good and well-designed questionnaire must have three characteristics; validity, reliability and discrimination.

Following is the sample of questionnaire for survey on preference of ICICI Prudential Life insurance policy: 

NAME        :      ________________________

AGE            :      ________________________

GENDER   :        (a) Male             (b)  Female

MARITAL STATUS  :           (a)  Single              (b)  Married

ADDRESS   :         _________________________

1.What is your Educational Qualification.

       (a) 10th Pass               (b) 12th Pass                  (c) Graduate      (d) Post Graduate

2. Any Professional Qualification.
(a) MBA             (b)  C.A          (c) ICWA             (d)   Others


3. What is  your current Occupation.
(a) Business             (b)  Salaried            (c)  Student          (d) House wife

4.Is your family income is more than 2,00,000.
(a) Yes            (b) No

5.If working which field you belongs to.
(a) Banking           (b) Pharma             (c) Investment            (d)  Others


6.Do you have any sales experience.
(a)  Yes          (b)  No
If    yes  …………. Yrs

7.Do you have experience of selling of Financial Products.
(a) Yes            (b) No

8.Are you interested to work with ICICI Prudential life insurance as a Financial consultant.
(a) Yes            (b) No

If No, Please specify why ____________________________________________________



Thanks for your Kind Co-operation.


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